You have to remind yourself everyday…

It’s a Monday.

Yes another week.

Thank God for the weekend it made me forget about responsibilities.

But once again. It’s already Monday.

Here we go. Grind time.

I saw something on the internet today. It made me think and it reminded me what was my main purpose and goal here.

Why I’m doing what I’m doing and what I am trying to prove.

Well they said I don’t have to prove anything to anybody, but I know I do.

It was a clear wake up call since these past few days I was so lost and I thought I won’t be found again.

Sometimes I really thank God for social media. Lol

You might not be better than Him, but make sure to be better than THAT girl 😉

Yes. I was reminded by my old promise to myself to strive to be the best he never had.

Don’t Stop Girl. 

Remember why you left? Your mission in life. – MM

Have fun while you are doing it. 

Don’t forget its not always about the destination but the journey. Have fun. Don’t waste time a lot of your time on your revenge plot.

Pray to God. Never Forget.

Yes, It’s all up to Him. No matter how hard you try if He says No then its a No. Ask for guidance all the time.

Believe that all things are possible. 

If facing trials always remember to believe that all things are possible if you just believe.

Everything takes time.

No rush little lady. If its not happening right now, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. In God’s Perfect timing. Don’t Rush and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the rush. That motivation inside you that keeps you going everyday. There is never a wrong inspiration. If those people who hurt you are your motivation to do good then go ahead girlfriend! But remember it will take time.

Remind yourself everyday..

Yes Everyday, when you are feeling down just remind yourself of this things. To keep you going and inspired. Its so good to know what you are fighting for and you have something to fight about because it simply means you are alive and kicking it girl!!

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