Nothing is certain that’s for sure. (Happy Friday)

This week has been really stressful for me. There were a lot of things going at my work which affected me so much in a lot of ways.

Sometimes life brings us unexpected changes. There will always be surprises that will come our way. We just have to be ready everyday. But how does someone be prepared with life’s punches everyday? Doesn’t it get exhausting giving out your best every single day?

It makes me wonder because my elders always tell me to do the best I can so I will never have any regrets. But what if I’m lazy today that I don’t want to do my best and I just want to get through the day.

It’s hard to always seize the day everyday  because we are all humans and we all get tired from our everyday activities. Just like robots we need to charge up cause we also get drained out.

If today you feel lazy and down it’s okay because its a signal that you’ve been working hard the past few days that you have consumed all your energy because of your hard work. But always remember never let yourself stay on the lazy side just because it feels good there.

Nothing is certain that is for sure so never ever stay long on the tired phase and “F*ck it” stage in your life.

Try as much as you can to seize the moment even you feel lazy, Just a little amount of your time where you can say “yes at least I seized that part on my day” will be enough for you not to waste a God given day.

This is what I have learned this week, that I have all he excuses to be lazy because of the bad things going on around me. I felt tired and exhausted and I just want to quit and reboot, But I have my responsibilities which makes me fight everyday and just seize every moment in order for me not to have any regrets at all. I just have to remind myself that nothing is certain. You’ll never know if you will still have your job the next day, will you still be together with your person, or if you are still healthy and able for the next days. Accept everything thrown at you it might be good or bad. Try to exert effort on little simple things so you’ll never be boring.

Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy the weekend also the weekday coming up!!

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