My Minimalist Lifestyle

Hello everyone!

I started to practice a minimalist lifestyle when I turned 23. So basically it was just 2 months ago.

I’ve been reading about different minimalist around the world and they became my inspiration to do this change in my life.

Well, it all started when I decided to clear out my closet and get rid of the clothes and other stuff that I haven’t use for the last 3 months. I did get rid with a lot of them and now I only have half of the amount that I used to have before.

It’s a great feeling to be able to clear out my things and to see so much space in my closet and in my room.

On my spending I do try to control it most of the time. I think twice about my purchases and I became more careful and think if it’s either a want or a need.

I had to calculate all my monthly bills and try to lower down all my monthly payments.

It feels good because I know that I’m being a minimalist for all the good reasons.

I wanted to save money for travel and not for material things, I want to clear out the clutter in my house and have more space, I also practice minimalism with food and by that I try to limit my food intake and not to stress out about what kind of food to eat or I don’t mind eating the same dish for lunch for a whole week, on my thoughts I try not to over think about stuff going on around me I try not to get involved with everything and I don’t stress my self out so much and  just go with the flow. On my goals and dreams, I try to do things one at a time, I don’t rush anymore and I rest when I want to.

It was such a big challenge for me since this is a drastic change in my way of living but it feels good that I’m getting used to it and I’m getting better at it.

Before I used to multitask all the time and I ended up getting so tired and drained all day. But now as a minimalist I was able to think deeply into things and I’m able to sort out the important things that will add value to my life.

Also it feels good to just stay at home and do something productive on a weekend rather than my old lifestyle of being at the club and in parties. I became more concern about my health and do everything that I can to take care of it.

It might sound boring for others but I noticed that I became a more calm person. It has a lof of benefits especially on my health and well being.

I’m more relaxed and when ugly things come in my way and I don’t stress out anymore.

Life became simple again for me and I’m telling myself to keep practicing it and to share my stories, inspire others and help them practice minimalism in their lives as well.

3 thoughts on “My Minimalist Lifestyle

  1. I like that you mention the other things too like thoughts and lifestyle rather than just possessions. Becoming a minimalist is so much more than just getting rid of material things. Embracing this kind of life gives you so many options that others don’t have. Enjoy!


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