Confessions of a Spoiled Brat

They said High School is either the best or worst years of our lives, well lucky for  me it was really the best years of mine. I had an awesome clique, we always do the cool stuff and we are always up to date with the latest trends. I consider my group as very classy in a lot of ways. Thanks to our parents that supports all our wants.

Me and my group of friends would be going to high class malls, spending our parents money purchasing expensive clothes, bags and shoes. You name it we got it.

Growing up in a school that has uniforms civilian day is like Christmas. I go all out on shopping when events like this come. I buy at least 4 sets of outfit and I make sure that I never repeat an outfit ever.

I change my school shoes at least 3 or 4 times a year. I change my school bag every quarter and also I make sure all my school supplies are high quality and expensive.

I don’t hang out with just any crowd in school it takes time for me to make new friends because I’m very picky and I guess I have standards. It’s sounds bitchy but I just can’t take hanging out with people who can’t afford my taste and style. I try to influence everyone in my group to get this certain jacket or brand of shoes so they will not feel out of place when we all hang out.

Every Christmas my parents spend so much money because I want to give out the best presents to all of my friends especially to my teachers. I shop at expensive stores and give away the best Christmas gift a High School Teacher will ever get, It will either be a luxury bag, wallet or watch.

Well I love the feeling when people tell me that I am so generous and I have a great taste when it comes to gifts.  But I know in my heart I just wanted to impress everybody and I feel that they will like me more because of the gifts I give them.

Every summer I ask my parents to enroll me on different expensive classes like voice lessons, acting lessons, dance lessons, speech and many more. I don’t really need it but I know that it’s a luxury my parents can afford so they support me with anything I want to do. Also it makes me look like I really didn’t waste a summer and it gives me awesome stories of experience to share when we get back to school.

I have established my reputation in High School. I have fun everyday I went to school not because of the classes but because of my friends and I get excited to show off the new stuff that I just bought over the weekend.

I’m so lucky to have parents that is very supportive of this lifestyle that I have. We are not that rich but my parents never fail to provide. They give me so much, more than I ever ask for.

I realized how much of a spoiled brat I was when I started working months after college. The time I landed my first job I promised myself never to ask for money from my parents anymore. I worked so hard to provide for myself and try to give a little back to my mom. But after a year of working 2 jobs I felt really drained out because I’m still living the lifestyle that I used to have before but only this time its my hard earned money. I can’t even count the sleepless nights from working overtime in order for me to have more money to spend on material things that I want. I have been spending so much and not thinking about saving my money for the future. Looking at my bank account all the time I felt that I was always broke and I don’t have any savings at all.

After a while I decided to make a change. Since its me who is in control of my life I should do something that would help me become wiser on my spending habits.

I research about savings, retirements, and other topics related. Then I came across minimalism and I got interested so after a while I mentally prepared myself on this lifestyle change and I waited on my 23rd birthday to do this challenge as a birthday gift.

First few weeks I started selling stuff, stopped buying unnecessary things and after a few weeks it became a habit already. I noticed I was able to save a lot of  money and now I know that I can live by only having one job because I don’t spend that much anymore. I decided to lessen my hours at work and be able to do the things that I love which is writing and with a lot more free time I was able to catch up with my reading.

It felt so good knowing that I don’t really need a lot of money in order to have a happy life, actually on my situation It was having less made me enjoy life more.

Being a spoiled brat has it’s ups and downs but I’m very lucky because I have learned so much from it. It made me appreciate all the hard work of my parents in order to provide a good life when I was still young and now as an adult it inspired me and taught me a valuable lesson that in life  you don’t need impress in order to be happy.

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